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What is the Minos system?

Minos is a system that changes the management and usage of exterior lighting networks. It makes it possible to control the system on the clock and gives a real-time breakdown of data and options on when, where, and how long you want any of the units on, off, or dimmed. Its technology changes lighting systems into networks and simple lights into intelligent devices that can activate a wide range of solutions for better life quality, making these places more intelligent, safer and sustainable.

Fields of application

Towns and cities, train stations, highways and motorways, airports, harbours and ports, parking lots, and much more. Wherever there is a network and a lighting system, the Minos systems saves resources, ensures performance, and provides new solutions by guaranteeing the highest level of compatibility with any current technology.

Eco-friendly savings


The Minos system helps protect the environment and fulfils goals set by international standards. By lowering the power consumption and goal oriented maintenance the system helps reduce gas emissions and prevents faulty lights to release waste materials to the air, prolongs the average life of the devices and lower yearly hazardous waste. And what is more, due to point remote control it enables personalized choice on how, where and how much to save, improve efficiency and the quality of services.

Professional counselling on how to manage and use the Minos exterior lighting system – Smart city is available from our professionals Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our location or as agreed.





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