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Parking machines

ELBI d.o.o. is the official distributor for Citea parking machines, made by German Hectronic. Along with products and installation of parking systems we also guarantee integrated solutions for parking issues, consulting and device configuration, employee training on system use, and service with possible 24-hour on-site support.

About Hectronic:

The renowned German company Hectronic currently has over 270 employees at their headquarters in Bonndorf and two other German towns, Oberhausen and Bremen. Hectronic works globally and has several locations in Austria, Switzerland, France, India, USA, and Poland. Along with their own subsidiaries they cooperate through their distributors in more than 70 countries in the world.

Advantages of Citea parking machines:

Citea parking machines are made modularly, enabling a high level of adjustability of key components such as types of powering and communication units. The customers thereby get a custom-made integrated parking solution regardless of the location’s complexity. Citea parking machines can be upgraded with the CityLine system offering remote machine control.

Ease of use

Citea parking machines are equipped with LCD screens or optionally TFT touch screens that guide the user easily and safely through the parking payment. The integrated light sensor assures the screens and keys are always optimally lit. The user interface is available in up to four languages, making Citea parking machines perfect for tourist capitals.

Payment flexibility

Citea parking machines enable users numerous payment options. The base is created for coins, while the machine can be upgraded to notes, credit or bank cards, and various smart phone options.

High safety standards

The combination of robust materials, personalized locks, coin slots and other slots ensure Citea parking machines are well-protected against vandalism and theft. The machines are equipped with modern readers and payment systems, allowing high levels of protection against counterfeit notes and other manipulations. The software enables the owner an easy and detailed transaction statement and thereby safe and transparent business.

Numerous connection options:

Citea parking machines are originally equipped with USB, LAN and serial COM port, and they can optionally be connected through GSM/GPRS units. Citea parking machines can be connected into a uniform system through CityLine control, allowing remote control and diagnostics of individual machines in real time. The CityLine control system enables automatic warnings and alarms at every unauthorized interference of the machine.

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