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Parking lots, garages

Elbi is also the official distributor in Slovenia for German parking systems made by Scheidt & Bachmann. With these systems we can provide an integrated support and counselling with the planning and configuration of parking systems, supply and installation of the components, employee training, and other services with the possibility of 24-hour support with delivery and installation of all spare parts.

About Scheidt & Bachmann:

With a long-standing tradition and experience, German Scheidt & Bachmann, based in Mönchengladbach, is the world’s leading manufacturer of parking systems. They employ over 1,600 people in their own production unit in Germany, manufacturing the final parking systems from construction to electronic components.

Half of sales are made in German-speaking countries, and the other half in the USA, Great Britain, France, Australia, and even Slovenia, with several very successful systems integrated.

Scheidt & Bachmann advantages:

Scheidt & Bachmann parking systems offer virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to configuration, so they can be adjusted to even the highest customer demands. All components are designed modularly and combined together they create an efficient and coordinated system, offering the customer long-term security on their investment. Scheidt & Bachmann parking systems are of the highest quality level and are suitable for all types of closed parking lots, regardless of the frequency or number of parking spots.

The system consists of short-term and long-term parking units at the working level. This also includes all entrances and exits units, gates, payment machines, presence sensors, signals, and warning signs.

The main or system level is connected to the working level with payment machines, the main computer system, and the entire control system. The control level consists of the main computer recording the statistics, and can control the work of several parking lots in one.

The host level consists of all network systems connected to the parking system. The parking system can be connected to the business system (ERP) or bank system for quick authorisation of credit card transactions. The system includes the services of the manufacturer for quick remote repairs, additions and upgrades.


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  • Megacenter Ljubljana car park



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