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Store lighting

Store lighting systems are among the most complex projects when it comes to lighting. It demands top notch know-how in design and top quality lighting. Buyers are generally led by the emotions that certain stores conjure and by the presentation of products on the shelves. This makes it even more important for the lighting system to create a pleasant environment where the buyer will spend even more time.

Good planning and top quality lighting in stores help sellers present their products in all their shapes and colours, and help the buyer see the whole potential and value of their purchase.

At the same time, stores are also working spaces for employees, so it’s essential that store lighting is designed to follow all worksite regulations and standards.

Optimal store lighting is also important from the perspective of power consumption standards. The ratio between optimally lit spaces and power consumption can only be reached by good planning and high-quality lighting.

To reach the optimal conditions several factors must be kept in mind – light angles and strength, light colour, and colour recognition are just a few of them, while the combination of all depends on individual projects.

Elbi provides comprehensive support and counselling with planning and implementation of store lighting systems – from technical calculation all the way to light installation. The wide range of top quality lighting we offer enables us to find the perfect combinations of lighting for any project of any size.



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